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"Discrete - In science this means the opposite of continuous:

something that is separate; distinct or individual."

Introducing a mesh - surface and volume aware particle system for Modo,

utilizing fast and highly optimized (SIMD) packing algorithms.

(Modo 15.2+, Currently Windows and Intel based Mac(OS) & Apple M1 utilizing Rosetta)

See the demo on YouTube

Image by Greg Leuenberger - Sabertooth Productions

What's included?

2x Particle Systems (Surface and Volume aware)

2x Blue Noise Uniform distributions

1x White Noise Random distribution

6x Particle Projections (Planar, Cubic, Cylindrical, Hemispherical and Spherical)

5x SIMD Optimized Packing Algorithms (Circle, Spherical, Square, Cubic, AABB)

10x Example scenes (containing simple tutorials/comments in the schematics)

Surface Distributions

Spherical Projection

Particles are distributed over the Torus surface using a Spherical projection in combination with a procedural Texture Falloff.

Planar Projection

Particles are distributed onto a plane surface using a Planar Projection in combination with a procedural Texture Falloff.

Volume Distributions

Cubic Projection

Volume Distribution, Cubic packing and a procedural texture Falloff combined.

Dynamic Volume Constraint

Example of a Cubic Volume Projection into a mesh. The particles can dynamically adapt it's size to stay within the limits of the mesh volume.

Seamless Integration

Discrete Particles is built seamlessly into Modo like it is part of the application. It’s compatible with the existing Particle Modifiers, the Replicator, Falloffs etc. Discrete Particles are True native Modo particles.

The Power of Projections

Projection Gizmos

The Projection Gizmo enables full control of how particles are distributed over a surface. You can translate, scale, rotate and even animate the Projection Gizmo.


The Projection gizmos defines the source position for the ray casting and mesh intersections are therefore handled accordingly.

Unmatched Packing Performance (SIMD Optimized)

2D Circle Packing

The particle size in this example is preprocessed by a blend falloff that in this case blends a linear falloff and a procedural texture before the actual packing occurs.

3D Spherical packing on a 3d surface

Particles are projected onto the 3D surface using Box Projection. The rotation and scale of the Box Projection Gizmo has been animated.

Weight Maps

Particle control

Use Weight maps to get the best control of Particle size and placement on any mesh surface.


The packing algorithms takes weight maps into account using a linear naive interpolation approach to ensure that the performance impact is minimal.

Size and Spacing Control

Shrink Spacing

Shrink particles as part of the packing process to create spacing between the packing borders of surface particles.

Post Sizing

Adjust the size of the particles as a post packing processing step using gradients. The gradient enables you to resize surface particles based on their packing size.

What people are saying

Artboard 1

I love this Kit! 

This is one of the few, absolute 'must buy' Kits for Modo.

— Greg Leuenberger, Sabertooth Productions

Artboard 1

Discrete Particles is a must have for anyone working with Particles. Adding this tool to my toolkit feels like a major upgrade to Modo.

— William Vaughan, Founder of Pushing Points

Artboard 1

The Discrete Particle system is an indispensable Kit that complements Modo's particle systems.

— Yoshikai Yuji

Many Packing Options

Precise control of prototype placement

Intersection-free Volume Packing

Greg Leuenberger

Motion Graphics

Yoshikai Yuji

Make It Happen

Discrete Particles for Modo 15.2+

(Currently Windows and Intel based Mac(OS) & Apple M1 utilizing Rosetta)