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TROPISM v1.0.2

"Tropism - The directional growth of an organism in response to an external stimulus such as light, touch, or gravity..."

Tropism is a fully procedural tree/vine/vein generator plugin for Modo built on custom Mesh Operators.

Grow entities like trees, shrubs, plants, twigs, hedges, veins, vines, lightning bolts in real time.

Grow inside mesh boundaries, on mesh surfaces, along curves or in particle systems.

(Modo 13, 14, 15 and 16, Windows and intel based MacOS)

Based on the great Space Colonization Algorithm by Adam Runions.

What's included?

6x powerful Meshops

10x+ tutorial example scenes

2 hours of free training videos.

The Meshoperators

The PointScatter Meshop

Scatters free floating vertices (semi particles) in any closed mesh volume, on any mesh surface, along any set of curves. It can also distribute points in the shape of a basic tree/bush.

The SPCOperator Meshop

Grows curves in different ways to mimic the typical structure of different kinds of vegetation based on attractor points (the semi particles). 

The SproutPass Meshop

Transforms curve vertices in different ways to mimic growth.

The TwigOperator Meshop

Lets you add additional polylines/curves from the curve tip along any curve towards its start point with lots of control. It also adds particles with transformation control to the curve tips that can be used by replicators to distribute prototype leaves/twigs/billboards to its positions.

The CurveMesher Meshop

Generates a mesh along any set of curves in a mesh layer with lots of control to detail and UV mapping. What is unique with this mop compared to other similar curve mesher tools in Modo is its ability to understand curves that are attached to each other based on certain rules. It understands the typical structure of a tree.

10+ Example scenes 

Containing many of the examples in this 4 minute YouTube video 

2 hours free online training videos (YouTube) .

Your imagination is the limit

Tropism is not limited to growing vegetation. Any mesh containing vertices/polygons or particles can be used to attract and control growth in many different ways. Tropism contains meshops that enables animation of growth.

Grow Vegitation

Trees, shrubs, plants, twigs, hedges, vines...

UV Ready

Apply textures/displacement maps to the mesh...

Mesh Climbing

Tropism is mesh surface aware and can climb any mesh.


Any style can be randomized within its "look and feel".

Lightning Bolts

Create and animate lightning bolts...

Grow anything...

Seamless Modo Integration

Tropism Meshops can be combined with with most of the Modo standard Meshops.

We have ensured Tropism works like an integrated part of the whole system.

Example features...

Particle systems

Tropism can read particles that has been merged into a mesh by the Modo merge mesh operator. Visualize the lightning bolts as they travel through the animated particles in real time.

Curve control

Grow along curves and add curves dynamically to shape your creation.

Adaptive segments

The CurveMesher meshop will optimize the geometry to ensure that segments are placed where they are needed the most. This meshop works on any mesh containing one or more curves.

Mesh Climbing

The SPCOperator implements very powerful mesh climbing capabilities. Excellent for growing vines or veins on any mesh surface.

Grow in meshes

Tropism can distribute points inside any mesh volume and contain the growth within the mesh boundary.

Leaf system

Add twigs and leaves to your branches using the TwigOperator with great control of direction, bending and gravity.

Custom Leafs

Add custom leaves/stencils to your tree and use the Modo replicator to replicate the prototypes to the leaf particles.

Everything is procedural

Tropism adapts to your mesh with instant feedback while you are modeling using the direct modelling tools in Modo.

Motion graphics

Create advanced motion graphics animations.

Ray Casting

The PointScatter meshop utilizes Ray casting. In this example the yellow mesh is shadowing the surface of the mesh that Tropism climbs on.

Animate growth

Tropism can manipulate curve vertices in smart ways. It gives you control to animate the whole tree structure of curves in one single meshop (the Spout Operator). This example also uses a bend effector that bends the curve structure before the CurveMesher creates the polygon mesh.

UV Ready

The CurveMesher meshop creates UV mapping for all meshes based on the curves in the mesh. Animating growth is supported "out of the box" and there are several different UV mapping options available.

And a lot more....

Make It Happen!

Grow something today...